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The Good News Club Westport

The Good News Club Westport

Good News Club

The Good News Club is a club where the Gospel is presented to school going children on Sunday at 12 noon Mass (except for school holidays) in a simple form, using where possible, music, role play or other creative activity to inform the children the Gospel message of the day. 

The priest invites the primary school-going children who wish to participate, who are at Mass with their families, to follow an adult as they carry a bible from the altar in the church out to Carrowbeg House. The younger children up to second class are in one room and the older children are in another room. After the Prayers of the Faithful, the children rejoin their families in the church often bringing an offering to the altar showcasing the Gospel message.

Anyone can volunteer to help in the Good News Club. There is a job to suit everyone. One guides the children from the church, one listens to Mass on the parish speakers and alerts the group when it is time to return to the congregation, others help the children safely church and one gets involved directly in reading or presenting the Gospel from the children’s bible.

If you feel you have one hour to spare on one Sunday every four weeks, twelve hours per year, the Good News Club would love to welcome you as a new member.

Please contact the presbytery at 098/28871 if you wish to volunteer.




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