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Sacraments: Weddings - Non-Parishioners

Westport is becoming an increasingly popular destination for weddings, both from other parts of Ireland and from abroad. We whole-heartedly welcome this development and do all we can to support and encourage it.

Any couples wishing to book any of the churches in our Parish, that is, St. Mary's Church Wesport, St. Patricks Church Lecanvey, St. Mary's Church Drummin and St. Patricks Oratory on the summit of Croagh Patrick.

The churches can be booked by contacting the Parish Secretary, Catherine McNamara either by emailing or telephone 00353(0)98 28871, and are subject to availability.

Couples who are not parishioners, or from the Parish must provide their own priest, as the priests of Westport Parish could not cope with the volume of weddings. If the couple know a priest they are most welcome to ask him and he is most welcome to Westport once he has the necessary documentation.

There is a fee for using the churches in the Parish which applies only to non-parishioners. The current fee is €450 for the use of the church. This is exclusive of any stipend a couple may wish to give to a priest which is a separate matter between the couple and the priest.

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