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Westport Eco Congregation Care of Creation

FAITH IN THE ENVIRONMENT and interfaith perspectives.


“One of the world’s leading environmental campaigners” (BBC tv)

Westport Eco-Congregation is delighted to have Alastair McIntosh to share his knowledge with us. He will weave together science, politics, psychology and spirituality, to help us find ways to maintain HOPE as we care for our environment.

WHEN: Tuesday, Feb. 16th, 2021 at 7.30pm.  

WHERE: On Zoom

TO REGISTER:- Email Mary Manning at suaimhneasmary@gmail.com

 When you have registered, we will send you the Zoom link for the talk.

There will be a Q+A after Alastair’s talk.

All are welcome!

Westport Eco Congregation Care of Creation

At the heart of the Laudato Si document written by Pope Francis in 2015 is the call to care for “Our Common Home” and to be keenly aware that everything in our world is connected. This is our starting and ending point.

Possible Actions: There is only a slight difference between the biochemical make-up of plant cells and animal cells. Anything that kills a plant could potentially kill an animal/human. If it kills an insect, it will kill a human if the dose is relative to our size. There is really no safe amount of weedkiller or pesticide.

The fight with Bayer/Monsanto is a high stakes battle, and conclusive proof that weedkiller is toxic/carcinogenic, is difficult. Big companies are capable of paying off jurors etc. and those who profit from using their chemicals continue to deny that they are harmful. Many food producers (including Irish) increase their profits by using weedkiller before planting and/or before harvesting.

Westport Eco Congregation Care of Creation

The Season of Creation 2020 runs from 1st September to 4th October. The members of Eco Congregation have planned to run a Laudato Si book club (Via Zoom) during this special season.

It will commence on Tuesday 1st September, and end on Tues. 6th October.

The duration of each session will be 1 hour, commencing @ 7.30 p.m. on each of the 6 Tuesdays.

To register contact ktfriel@gmail.com or 087-8520602

Westport Eco Congregation Care of Creation

Recent events in the US have amplified for us the interconnectedness between all of us humans.  We cannot fail to be affected by the brutality suffered by our fellow humans.

It was this awareness that prompted one woman, Natalie Isaacs, an Australian to change her life completely.  Once she became aware of the connection between the hardship suffered by so many in the developing world, caused by Climate Change, she knew she had to do something.  She could not stand by.  She eventually set up 1Million women, encouraging women all over the developed world to change their way of life, to lower their carbon emissions, in support of women in poorer countries who are most affected by Climate Change. “If women and children of developing countries are the most vulnerable to climate change, then women from wealthy countries have so much to contribute to the solution through the way we live. This is about lifestyle”. (Natalie Isaacs)

 Today the membership of this movement, 1Million Women stands at 800,000!

What can EACH ONE of us do to show our solidarity with the people of our world who suffer the brutality of life caused by Climate Change every day.  Getting fired up when we hear of one horrendous cruelty is good, but how much better would it be if we held that fire for ACTION in any way possible to relieve the brutality of the Climate Crisis in poor countries.  To learn more about the POWER of ONE, as shown by Natalie Isaacs log into www.1millionwomen.com.au.

Here in Westport why not get involved with Westport Eco-Congregation or perhaps join the Book study group on Laudato Si to become more informed about Climate Change and its effects. 

For more information, ring Mary Manning at 087 2421330, Caroline Goucher at 0868745314, Kathleen Friel at 087 8520602 or email westportecocongregation @gmail.com.

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 Start with what is necessary, then do what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible”.

As we come out of the acute threat of COVID 19, we now have a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a world where both the economy and climate are dealt with in tandem. Trillions of dollars are now being pumped into countries, so let us pray and urge our leaders to make the courageous decisions that will see a better quality of life for all of us, including our future generations as global citizens.

What NECESSARY actions can we, as individuals take now?

  • Look at how we use our cars.  Can we walk or cycle instead of driving?

  • What food choices are we making?  Buying food grown as near as possible to where we live, reduces the carbon miles.

  • Can we reduce the amount of packaging on our purchases…bringing our own containers/bags for fruit/veg, meat/fish and many other items? 

  • Plastic bottles of water are a totally unnecessary scourge. There is a great variety of reusable bottles available and you are saving both your money and the planet at the same time, by buying one.

What can we do that is POSSIBLE?  Here is one suggestion…

  • We, at Westport Eco-Congregation are organising a study group on Laudato Si, with Jane Mellett the Laudato Si officer at Trocaire.  This will take place on Zoom and is free.  We invite anyone who is interested in becoming more involved in the Care of our Earth, to join us. 

  • For more information, ring Kathleen Friel at 087 8520602,  Caroline Goucher at 0868745314 or Mary Manning at 087 2421330 or email at westportecocongregation@gmail.com

Let’s take SMALL STEPS FOR BIG CHANGES and before long, we will be doing what we thought was IMPOSSIBLE.

The Westport Congregation has united since the publication of ‘Laudato si' (Italian for ‘Praise Be to You’) encyclical of Pope Francis, subtitled ‘On Care For Our Common Home’ in it, the Pope critiques consumerism and irresponsible development, laments environmental and global warming and calls all people of the world to take "swift and unified global action”.

In the Westport area our response to 'Care of Creation' is to gather to respond.

Our vision is to see local community churches adopt an eco-approach to worship, lifestyle, property, finance management, community outreach and contact with the developing world.

We aim to achieve the national Eco-Congregation Award in 2017. This will be the project lead while collaborating with other local groups in the area. We met once a month in Carrowbeg House, The Mall, Westport, County Mayo.

Our areas of interest are: Worship and Teaching, Children’s and Youth Work, Property and Grounds Management, Finance and Waste, Personal Lifestyles, Working with the Local Community and Thinking Globally.
Supporting members:
• Westport parishes (Fr.Charlie & Rev.Val)
• Westport Tidy Towns
• Westport Smarter Travel
• Westport Mens Shed
• WESCo (Westport Environmental Sustainable Community)
• Westport Sustainability Group
• Edible Landscape
• West Mayo Municipal District office of Mayo Co Co

Check out our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WestportEcoCongregation/